The Mystique of Cannabis & Emotional Processing

Hi Becca,

I came across your website while looking for information and experiences from people who have had profound emotional and emotional integration experiences while on cannabis.

Yesterday I took a few drops of THC/CBD balanced cannabis oil (I have a medical marijuana license in Ontario) and suddenly I could hear all my thoughts and I was meditating and I just felt so overwhelmed with emotion.

I decided to try tapping through it because this is a practice I’ve been working on using in conjunction with emotional integration and it was like every memory I had that I’ve attached negative emotion to came flooding into my mind and I had this intense compassion for it. I decided to tell every emotional feeling that I know why it feels that way and it makes sense and I absolutely know what it’s going through and I had the same experiences etc. It was like having emotional processing on fast forward or something?!

Anyway your website is the only one I can find even remotely on this wavelength so I wondered (bc now in the morning light I’m wondering if it was all real) if this is what you talk about with your emotional integration while on Cannabis?

Thank you for sharing with the world.  – Laura


Dear Laura,

Oh yes, trust that your experience is absolutely real!  When we create an altered state for ourself, often in the “morning light” as you say, it feels unreal, like a dream. That’s why following an altered state experience it’s helpful to journal on what came up for us as we’re touching into the deep intuitive well of Inner knowing that enables us to release negative emotions and discover solutions to problems that torment us. 

“Emotional processing on fast forward” is a brilliant way to describe your experience. The important component here is that you paired your cannabis with a technique that moves energy. In your instance, the technique was EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique – also referred to as “tapping”.  In my approach we use kundalini-like active meditation – that I also refer to as “industrial strength meditation” as it is a powerful catalyst for the movement of energy (actually the most powerful and healing I have encountered). 

The simplest way to describe your experience is that your Soul wants you to be in touch with these difficult emotions so that you can release them and break through to a higher dimension of being. Our beloved cannabis amplifies this and brings this to the surface. Here’s a video that may be of interest:  The Psychic Boost of Cannabis.

I love that you’re listening to your body and admire that you have taken the initiative to do so with the judicious use of cannabis plant medicine. I believe it is a pioneering path toward awakening in this era.

With Love, Becca

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