What is “Conscious Cannabis” and Why Should You Care?

How do you square a bunch of confusing “spirituality” jargon with what cannabis does in deepening our connection with our higher Self? I have some definite ideas in my blog this week:

Here’s the link to get my Quick Start Guide to Conscious Cannabis

5 thoughts on “What is “Conscious Cannabis” and Why Should You Care?”

  1. The word “spirituality” is fraught with double meanings and meaningless meanings! Let me know what your definition is of this word.

  2. Hi Becca,

    Just watched this and really appreciate this view that you have consistently instilled in all of your offerings. I was indoctrinated in a religious ideology and still experience the remnants of that conditioning. Now I do my best to embrace, learn and grow from direct experiences and the corresponding changes they create.

    Peace and Love,


    • Bravo! Becoming “un-indoctrinated” – as you allude to, is an on-going process that takes presence and awareness. And with religion it gets particularly tricky!

  3. Boom, nailed it as always! I grew up in the fundamentalist bible belt and the threat of hell was often used for correcting “misbehavior”. Letting go of that idea construct took many years and miles.

    BTW, do you have any recommendations for frequency of cannabis use to maximize effectiveness as a mediation tool?

    • Thanks Brock! I do have distinct impressions that I can share in regard to frequency of cannabis use – and I will make it a vlog! Stay tuned as it’s longer than just a simple one liner:)


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