Get & Stay ELEVATED … Lose Self-Doubt and Fear


“Everyone will notice.” 

Hmmm, I was playing it out in my mind (what else is there to do stopped at an intersection, eh?).

The implied story is that a person got promoted and to celebrate, buys a big bauble so that they could …. could what?

Impress people because 1) they had such good taste and  2) they (now) have the money to support their good (i.e. expensive) taste.

And to what end?

Oh yeah, so that they would find acceptance and respect from others. Yes, but why? Why do they need this?

Because – and I speak from decades of experience on this one and maybe it resonates for you too – they actually don’t believe deep down they have what it takes to be accepted and loved.

Lots of self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs: “There’s something defective about me,”  “I don’t have what it takes to be a success”, “I just have to keep pretending and maybe I can fool people into thinking I’m worthy of their acceptance.”

It really struck me how this billboard epitomizes our general culture, which is based on approval seeking: How do I find acceptance from others?

The fact that keeping this “self-deficit” activated works to the Corporatocracy’s benefit. It’s a powerful motivator for keeping materialism in place and keeping people small.


So how do we WAKE-UP from an epidemic of self-doubt and the fear of rejection? 

The spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra nailed it, “Unless there’s a personal transformation,” he says, “there can be no social transformation.” 

Finding freedom through personal transformation, in healing these erroneous beliefs about ourself is our most important assignment in this life. And it’s why I do what I do in introducing and guiding Elevation (Cannabis) Ceremonies

As humans, we have a profound yearning for connectedness to self and to others. Gatherings like this help to deepen our experiences of life and add richness and meaning and cannabis plant medicine can amplify this releasing, resetting and renewing process.

Whether you’re in the Denver area or another part of the country (or world), join me for one of our experiential evenings that will support you in returning to calm, clear inner stability. My mighty little team launched ONLINE Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies for those of you outside the Denver area. It’s a grand experiment in virtual ceremony to be among like-minded people from all over the world who are exploring emotional fluency and how to live a life without triggers and drama.

The registration page for upcoming Online Ceremonies is here. If this is something you’d like to explore, I’m offering them for free because, well, because once I became emotionally liberated from a trauma load that would gag a gorilla, all I was left wanting to do was support others in their emotional liberation. It’s heaven on earth.

With Love & Gratitude,



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