Keep Listening To Your Dark Side!

If you’ve been with us for one or more of our Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies, you know I always follow-up with an email inviting you to share your insights of your experience from our ONLINE Ceremonies.

It’s funny that many of you don’t respond until a few days or even a couple weeks after our gathering. And often the reports are that you continue to experience emerging clarity and the releasing of fear, self-doubt and other difficult emotions.


Why Is This Happening? 

It’s because during our Industrial Strength Meditation practices, you create the Inner space to invite up the feelings that have been knocking loudest on your head (and heart).

Once you give your subconscious permission to open up to the difficult emotions – meet and greet them as I like to say – they simply respond, “More please!”. This dark side of you wants to be listened to and is starved for attention because we work SO hard to suppress and ignore it at all other times.

When you begin paying attention to your dark side and listen to it you create the opportunity to finally release it. The triggers and the drama that make your life prickly begin to diminish. When this happens, you move that much closer to the REAL YOU. The REAL YOU that is reorganizing itself on both a physical and energetic level. Life becomes easier because the psychic burden begins releasing. For many, the cannabis plant medicine helps us do this.


So Keep It Up (Or Get Started)!

A short practice everyday pays dividends. As a clinician, I know that the biggest challenge is making it a habit … a new behavior. That’s why I offer you a playlist of YouTube videos. Simply pick one of these Emotional Liberation® practices and do it everyday. There’s an index on each video and once you familiarize yourself, you can jump straight to the practice, which is 11 or 16 minutes.

Many who have share their “field report” with me remark how much they enjoy being surrounded by like minded others experiencing similar relief. I know, it’s the power of ceremony! Being in ceremony allows us to deepen our experiences of life and adds richness, depth and meaning.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to spend this time with you. I’ll look forward to being in ceremony with you – whether you’re a newcomer or a returning Emotional Liberation® explorer.

With Love, Becca

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